Ground to Grow / into the Wild

Una serie Online de 6 semanas con Winky Wheeler, Kate Marie Mutsaers & Carmen Tarifa

Jueves 15 - 17hrs ART ( Buenos Aires) UTC - 3
Inicia jueves 02 de marzo 2023
En Inglés. Traducción al español posible.
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The complexity of daily life can dull our connection to a deeper, richer way of being that exists in harmony with the sensual world. Rushing through life and keeping ourselves busy can protect us from longings for richness and meaning in our lives. The strength of external commitments and a world moving at a faster and faster pace, makes carving out space to slow down, and attend to ourselves a challenge. Yet, this is precisely what is needed for a life well lived. Join us as we tune into the simple and effortless flow of our shared breath, the gentle pull of gravity and the tender lift upward. Arriving in our bodies, through our attention to our sensual nature, we experience an inner spaciousness that gently spreads into the moment. We can move with an open heart and a supple body. Together we rediscover the ancient and wild rhythms that flows through our physical bodies and connect us to the timeless rhythm of Earth beneath our feet. This connection is our birthright and when we allow ourselves to sink into it, we are linked to the creative sources that pulse through everything.You are invited to practice grounding into the embrace of natural wonder as we travel through the magnificent terrains of the world. We will look at the way the desert, forest, ocean, grasslands and mountains echo in our bodies and inform us. Running through our bodies is the essential elements of these landscapes. Tuning into them opens our ancient wisdom, inviting our wild souls to grow in new ways. 

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Carmen Tarifa Reischle:
Is a multicultural being, dancer, teacher, poet and facilitator. Carmen is a passionate explorer of new ways of being, living, sharing and co-creating. Her offerings blend movement, imagination, somatic explorations and community weaving. While Carmen holds degrees in Psychology, Fine Arts and Dance Movement Therapy, her main orientations are the principles of the practice of Soul Motion, QiGong and Mindfulness.

Kate Marie:
It's what happens off the dance floor that inspires Kate-Marie the most. She has a deep passion for being present with people as they listen, discover and learn the language of their own unique body in a variety of settings. She brings the embodiment of a Soul Motion teacher and student, accompanied by over 25 years of experience, training and passion as a Somatic Psychotherapist, Community Facilitator, longtime student of Vipassana Meditation, Yoga and certified Samvahan Indian Vedic Body Practitioner.

Winky Wheeler:


Tuesday 10am - 12pm (PST) Pacific Time; 15:00 - 17:00 (ART) Buenos Aires; 19:00 - 21:00 (CST) Paris

November 15, 22, 29 and December 6 and 13, 2022

The complexity of daily life can dull our connection to a deeper, richer way of being that exists in harmony with the sensual world. A feeling of emptiness, dissatisfaction or a longing for meaning in the arc of our lives are a few possible manifestations of this disconnection. Yet, there is a simple, natural rhythm in the earth beneath our feet. This heartbeat resonates through our hollow bones, echoing uniquely within each of us. This creative source is our birthright. Through movement practice we can remind ourselves of this ancient rhythm through our connection to our physical bodies. Here, it is possible to sink into the embrace of natural wonder and find our way back to living that is infused with meaning and even wonder.Join us for a five week immersion to practice being connected to the natural rhythms of life and to share our unique discoveries with each other.

Week One: Prepare
Together we explore the notion of how to prepare the ground to begin.
What is the question you start with?

Week Two:Plant
Once the ground or quest is clear, how will you begin?

Week Three: Nourish
Together we tend to the process. caring and nurturing are our focus. 

Week Four:Harvest
Collecting and enjoying the fruits of our journey. Sharing our insights.

Week Five: Resting
Carefully honoring the ending as both reflection of what has happened and a preparation for next steps.

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