Ground to Grow  

a 5 week embodied movement process  

     with Kate Marie Mutsaers, Winky Wheeler & Carmen Tarifa 

Tuesday 10am - 12pm (PST) Pacific Time; 15:00 - 17:00 (ART) Buenos Aires; 19:00 - 21:00 (CST) Paris

November 15, 22, 29 and December 6 and 13

The complexity of daily life can dull our connection to a deeper, richer way of being that exists in harmony with the sensual world. A feeling of emptiness, dissatisfaction or a longing for meaning in the arc of our lives are a few possible manifestations of this disconnection. Yet, there is a simple, natural rhythm in the earth beneath our feet. This heartbeat resonates through our hollow bones, echoing uniquely within each of us. This creative source is our birthright. Through movement practice we can remind ourselves of this ancient rhythm through our connection to our physical bodies. Here, it is possible to sink into the embrace of natural wonder and find our way back to living that is infused with meaning and even wonder.Join us for a five week immersion to practice being connected to the natural rhythms of life and to share our unique discoveries with each other.

Week One: Prepare
Together we explore the notion of how to prepare the ground to begin.
What is the question you start with?

Week Two:Plant
Once the ground or quest is clear, how will you begin?

Week Three: Nourish
Together we tend to the process. caring and nurturing are our focus. 

Week Four:Harvest
Collecting and enjoying the fruits of our journey. Sharing our insights.

Week Five: Resting
Carefully honoring the ending as both reflection of what has happened and a preparation for next steps.

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US$150 after October 26
US$180 Sponsorship price - Support another to join us whose financial circumstances are limited

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